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Hoosier Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club

Constitution and By-Laws



This club shall be known as Hoosier Hilltoppers, Inc.


Active members shall be riders of motorcycles or ATVs, persons actively connected with the trade or enthusiasts. Honorary members shall be member’s spouse and minor children, and any other persons, as the Club may decide, by a two thirds majority vote of those present at any regular meeting, so to honor. By majority vote of the membership, an honorary member may become an active member after attendance at 3 consecutive Club meetings and requesting a change in status. Only active members shall be entitled to vote on Club affairs.


The Officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Referee, and Race Coordinator. These Officers shall constitute the Executive Board. All Club officers and a total of at least ten members, shall be current members of the AMA.


The duties of the President shall be:

n  To preside at all meetings of the Club.

n  To have general supervision of the affairs of the Club.

n  To appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the Club.

n  To personally represent the Club on proper occasions and business contracts.

n  To be the spokesperson for the Club when interacting with the public. This shall include information distributed by means of telephone, internet, and written correspondence.

n  To assist all other Officers of the Club in their records, and other duties.

n  To promote interest on the part of each member in Club activities.

n  To vote only when one vote is necessary to break a tie.


The duties of the Vice-President shall be:

n  To perform the duties of the President in his absence.

n  To assist the President in the appointment and oversight of committees.

n  To perform other duties as requested by the President


The duties of the Secretary shall be:

n  To develop and maintain a list of all current members, including contact information, AMA membership status, and record of payment of dues. A current membership list is to be posted in the Clubhouse.

n  To record roll call at Club meetings and determine if a quorum is met.

n  To notify members of regular or special meetings, work days, and special events.

n  To keep a record of the meetings of the Club.

n  To make minutes and other pertinent information, available to Club membership.

n  To help develop and keep updated all forms and printed materials, as approved by the President. This may include Constitution and By-Laws, Rules for Club Grounds, and New Member Packets.

n  To handle all Club correspondence, as approved by the President.

n  To perform such other duties as generally fall to that office.


The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

n  To collect dues from all members.

n  To collect all monies due the Club.

n  To make all payments from the Club funds, when so ordered by the Club.

n  To keep account of all Club money matters.

n  To report incoming/out going monies and current balance in Club account at each meeting of the membership.

n  To make a statement of the Club funds when called upon by the Club.


The duties of the Referee shall be to have general supervision over all sanctioned competition events promoted by the club. The duties of the Referee are completely outlined in the AMA rulebook, and shall additionally include oversight of the registration process and completion of injury reports, if necessary. The Referee shall complete the AMA Risk Management Workshop and serve also as the Risk Management Officer for the Club.



The duties of the Race Coordinator are to assist and all other officers and members in promoting and hosting successful race events. The Race Coordinator shall assure all documents are submitted for sanctioning and as required post race, all other duties are assigned, and all supplies and equipment are available for use as needed.



The duties of the Executive Board shall be:

n  To act for the Club in all matters ordered by the Club.

n  To make recommendations concerning members possible expulsions.

n  To properly investigate and present to the Club all business or important activity.

n  To have control over all Club affairs not requiring a vote of approval by the Club.

n  To be present on each race day and make decisions, as required, including whether cancellation is necessary.

Three members shall comprise a quorum of the Executive Board.


The Club year shall be from November to November. All elective offices shall be filled at an annual election to be held on the first meeting in November each year. All officers shall hold this office for one year, or until their successors are elected and qualified. Annual dues shall be collected at the November meeting.


The regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. The President or Executive Board may call a special meeting at any time by notifying the general membership at least three days in advance.


Only full, active members shall be eligible to hold an Office in the Club or vote on Club matters. Two thirds of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at Club meetings.



Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws may be changed, provided that such amendments in no way supersede or contradict the Constitution and Bylaws of the parent body, the American Motorcyclist Association. Proposed amendment changes must be submitted in writing at a regular Club meeting. It then shall be tabled for consideration for one month and voted on at the next meeting. A two thirds vote of the members representing a quorum at the regular meeting shall be required to pass an amendment.

                                                                             ARTICLE XV
In the event the Club dissolves and the property is sold, no one entity can profit from the sale. All proceeds from the sale of the property will be donated to the American Motorcycle Association



Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the parliamentary proceedings of this Club, unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws.

  1. Roll call and determination of quorum.
  2. Introduction of prospective new Club members.
  3. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.
  4. Report of Officers.
  5. Unfinished business.
  6. New business.


A target number of Club members shall be set at 40 (forty) members. Membership shall be closed after accepting fifty (50) active members.


Persons wishing to apply for membership in the Club must be 18 years of age and shall have the recommendation of at least two current members. Nominees shall fill out an application form which will be presented to the Executive Committee for review. The Executive Board shall make its recommendation for approval or disapproval at the next regular club meeting. A two thirds majority of the members present is required to approve each new member. New members shall be on probation for six months. At the end of the six month period, full membership goes into effect, if no complaints regarding the applicant have been made to the Executive Committee.  Applications for membership will be considered in the order in which they are received when a vacancy occurs.


There shall be an initiation fee of Two Hundred and Fifty dollars ($250) for new members, until the target membership number of forty is reached. New members numbering forty-one through fifty, may either join with the higher initiation fee of Five Hundred dollars ($500), OR be placed on a waiting list until membership falls below the target number. Once the cap of fifty members is reached, all acceptable candidates will be placed on a waiting list.

The initiation fee shall be waived for the children of Club members in good standing who turn 18 and join the Club, and past members who left in good standing and wish to return, with the approval of the membership.


The subsequent annual Club dues shall be Fifty dollars ($50), which are payable by the first regular meeting in January of each year. Any member whose dues are not paid by that time may be expelled by a two thirds vote of those present at any regular meeting.

Persons joining the Club after September 1st shall be considered paid for the following year.

Any member with fifteen (15) years of paid Club membership dues shall become a lifetime member and is no longer required to pay Club dues.


Any member or Club officer may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the Club. Charges must first be made in writing and presented to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will then give the accused member a hearing, consider the evidence, and report its findings to the Club with a recommendation that the charges be considered as proven and the member expelled, or the charges be considered as not proven and the accused member remain a member of the Club. The Club shall therefore take a vote to decide whether or not the recommendation of the Executive Board shall be adopted.

It shall require a two thirds majority of the members present at a regular Club meeting to vote on the recommendations of the Executive Board.




The Club may not borrow money, or in any way be indebted, for the purchase of equipment.


All bills presented to the Treasurer for payment over Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) must be approved by a two thirds majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting. Club accounts and records shall be subject to audit by the Executive Board.



Any member with an unexcused absence on race day will be reviewed by the Executive Board and may be assessed a fine of One Hundred dollars ($100) to pay for additional expenses that the Club may incur. All Club privileges shall be revoked until the assessed fee is paid. Any member missing two races will be reviewed by the Executive Board for expulsion. The Executive Board may, in the event of a true emergency, vote to waive the assessed fine or expulsion review.


Failure of a member to attend scheduled meetings or work sessions, or maintain communication with the Club for a period of greater than ninety (90) days may result in revocation of Club membership.



The following Rules for Club Grounds (see Attachment A) will be adopted and all Club members are responsible for adherence and enforcement of the rules.

BYLAWS Attachment A

Rules for Club Grounds

  1. Only Club members, their families, and invited guests are permitted on Club property except during sanctioned events. No one under the age of 18 may be on Club property without a Club member present. No private parties are allowed. 


  1. Members shall be permitted a maximum of five guests, of which there shall be no more than three riding guests, at any one period of time.

  1. Anyone entering the property shall sign in on the release form. It is the Club member’s responsibility to make sure their guests sign the release form.

  1. Club members shall show proper conduct, be respectful of both the property and other members, and abide by and enforce all Club rules. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while on Club property.

  1. Only off road vehicles are allowed on the track.

  1. All motorcycles and ATVs must be equipped with legal mufflers.

  1. Helmets are required while riding on property.

  1. During week of race:
  2. No riding after the Wednesday before the race.
  3. No track work is permissible without the direct approval of the Club President.

  1.  No littering or damaging of Club property in any way; including track, buildings, lawn areas, equipment, and supplies.

  1.  No illegal substances are allowed on Club property.

  1.  No fire arms are to be discharged on Club property

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